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Intelligence and CounterIntelligence is now considered the most important function of any terror response, military or law enforcement unit. While responding to an incident is important preventing an incident is more important.​

ATAB in response to many members' requests for training materials has developed the most important and practical Intelligence/Counter Intelligence program available today. There are many analyst certifications available but ATAB has developed a true operators program with advanced training in areas such as HUMINT, OPSEC, COUNTER INTELLIGENCE and INTELLIGENCE.

This is a course designed for Tactical operators. It addresses the important need of providing actionable accurate and specific intelligence to the Targeting Officer removing the barriers to short transition time from collection of the intelligence to delivery to policy maker or Commander and then to Attacking Platforms.

The OIS training module addresses a host of recommendations, ranging from HUMINT Counterintelligence and the Counterintelligence deficiencies to policy makers due to red tape and the intelligence-trap mindset of intelligence analysts. The program addresses the current changes to military intelligence doctrine.​

The OIS Program focuses on intelligence operations defensive and offensive on defense contractors and their subversion by enemy agents and counter-HUMINT that is countering enemy HUMINT in situations such as terrorist agents planted for employment in the administration office to gain information. 

The in depth HUMINT section of the training provides detailed Intelligence drills and information on obtaining human information from working surveillance, crowds, vehicle and building intelligence as well as the knowledge of how to not only learn to increase your observations but to more efficiently recall and report those observations.

The OIS certification addresses HUMINT, Military Intelligence and Counterintelligence and Law Enforcement Intelligence. We provide you with information on the differences between conducting intelligence gathering as a Spy, a Soldier and a Police Officer. The laws and regulations are very different and so the tactics used for each discipline are vastly different. A spy is not concerned with obtaining a search warrant before entering a home or tapping a phone as a Police Officer must. A soldier is regulated by the command orders and by military regulations and doctrine. 

The OIS certification is the only training program of its type available to the public. You will be gaining the knowledge and experience of intelligence and counterintelligence officers with decades of experience in conducting and managing intelligence operations around the world.

If you are a CAS in good standing you can qualify to take this course. If you are a CMAS and have an intelligence background you may want to apply for the Intelligence Committee.



$ 345.00

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