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  • The Maritime Security program is for those people who want to move beyond the ISPS Code and who need to look at anti-terrorism within the maritime environment.  Written in accordance with the highest of industry standards (such as  ISO 17024), this suite of courses brought together leaders within the Maritime Security,  Customs, Trade, and other entities that have an interest in the  protection of international shipping and our strategic seaports.


  • The courses are currently broken into three short modules. These include: 


  • The Profiling of Ports and Vessels; 


  • Ship Actions Alongside and Underway; and 


  • Basic Threat Awareness and Coordination Requirements for First Responders. 


  • Each  module is built to take approximately one hour to complete. Once all  three modules have been completed, the successful candidate will be  well-positioned to undertake the more formal certification program that  will include directed readings, online learning, formal training,  examination and board review. 


  • Each of these courses is currently under review and updating, given ongoing research into a range of maritime security issues on a global front. These include issues associated with piracy, the presence of private security companies on board vessels, challenges with international regulation and other relevant topics. 


  • These  courses are continuously reviewed in order to remain relevant with  changes within the maritime industry. As a result, those taking these  courses can be assured that the information that they are receiving is  timely, relevant and appropriate to these challenges.



$ 345.00

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