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This credential is reserved for members in good standing who previously received the CAS credential and otherwise meet qualifications as outlined in the “Qualifications for Certification” section outlined herein. CMAS candidates typically possess 7 years of experience in the terrorism response field and have a proven track record of conducting security and response operations. As a subject matter expert, a CMAS typically holds a leadership, management, or advisory position of trust and confidence within a response organization or unit. In addition, they often serve as primarily trainers and instructors that ensure first responders are adequately prepared for handling threat situations and incidents. ATAB recommends individuals holding the CMAS credential as our first choice when companies contact us in search of instructors to conduct in-house training, and/or experts to conduct vulnerability assessments, security audits, or provide consulting services for their firms. The ATAB Emergency Response Manual and Reference Library (CMAS Expanded Edition) is a highly recommended, but not required, self-study resource available to help prepare you for the certification examination. Candidates must demonstrate their subject matter expertise obtaining a score of 80% on the Online Examination or by submitting a written, comprehensive white paper, a presentation, a policy and procedure manual, standard operating procedures, book, etc., authored by the candidate.


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