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The ATAB CFCE certification program provides you with training on topics such as the FATCA, Fundamentals of Fraud Investigations, Fraud Crime Against the Elderly, Terror Financing, Compiling Audit Evidence, HIPPA, GLB, Law Enforcement Financial Crimes Investigations, Money Laundering and Criminal Defense. As a Certified Financial Crimes Examiner, you will be working with evidence to establish the proof of Money Laundering, Fraud, Terrorism Financing, completing Financial Criminal Audits and many other tasks while maintaining the chain of custody. In today’s highly technical financial world where nearly every financial transaction is conducted by debit/credit cards of electronic transfers the ability to demonstrate your professionalism and advance you career by continuing to expand your knowledge base with the completion of the Certified Financial Crimes Examiner (CFCE) certification is an example of your dedication to your craft and career.


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