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MODULE 1: SITUATIONAL AWARENESS Area specific briefing: Customized to client specific operations and/or needs Risk recognition: Counter surveillance techniques while on foot or in a vehicle Surviving captivity: What to do/don't when taken captive (initially/during) Reducing digital exposure: How to reduce online presence and mobile device tracking. MODULE 2: ESCAPE FROM CAPTIVITY Types of Kidnapping: Lecture on modus operandi of different types of kidnappers and how to best respond to them. Escape actions and tools: Practical hands-on instruction on how to escape from captivity applying a wide range of tools and tricks (tool-kit included as part of the course materials) Analyzing your threat: Instruction in how to analyze the threat level while in captivity and how to respond appropriately in order to improve the chances of survival. MODULE 3: MEDICAL FIRST RESPONDER Safety at the scene: Instruction on how to approach the scene of a (terrorist) attack Tourniquet application, wound packing and chest sealing: Practical hands-on instruction on how to stop massive bleeding and life threatening airway problems (the causes of 99+% of all preventable violent deaths). Medical Kit: Course materials include a First Responder Medical Kit with Quick Clot, SWAT-T Tourniquet etc. Intensive 1-3 day courses at a location of your choice. Please contact us for more information via


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