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Create an Advance Warning System by giving intelligence capability to Police by equipping police stations with intelligence and tactical communication assets. These assets to be formed out of existing police personnel. Policing is reactive and investigation led there is no advance warning. Police must be able to neutralize crime at it's early stage, for that Police commanders need to have perfect situational awareness. If the police Chief has very good situational awareness about existing threat or criminals including terrorists and about their intent, capabilities, disposition and tactics then the police commander can formulate his intent and intelligence requirements correctly and task his intelligence platoons to collect intelligence during: Reconnaissance missions Surveillance Missions Interrogation of captured enemy, refugees, suspects Debriefing of patrols Seized Document Exploitation Seized equipment exploitation HUMINT operations Counterintelligence operations Terrain studies Training will be web based, classes for batches of students will be conducted through live cam everyday for 2 hours, that way training will be completed within a month. ​​ During web training students will also be briefed on daily intelligence collection missions, which they will do under the supervision of a trained superiors. The mentioned superiors will get separate training from Keshav Mazumdar (CMAS). ​ After this month of training, the unit will be installed.


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