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  • 6Days


This Advanced Training Course is designed to cater to the modern organisational requisites and to align with the latest best practices. Here you’ll master deep learning concepts and models using modern technological tools. Learners will gain an in-depth knowledge of AI by the end of this certification course which includes theoretical and practical knowledge as follows; Course Content Brief Overview of AI Neural Network & Terminologies CNN (Convolution Neural Network) Significance of Nvidia Tools & installation Introduction to Tao Toolkit Introduction to Deepstream SDK Introduction to Edge Devices (Jetson Nano) Introduction to Opencv Hands on & Workshop Advance Course Concept clarity of computer hardware, software and AI. Dual booting a System Learn to use more than one operating system on your machine. Installation of libraries Speed up compute-intensive applications by harnessing the power of GPUs. Python crash course Make your foundation strong. Docker crash course Separate your applications from the infrastructure and deliver your software quickly. Deep stream in depth learn to build end-to-end AI-powered applications to analyze video data. Edge device in depth Learn to implement the GPU based applications on Edge devices. Course Duration: 16Hrs


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