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HUMINT, OPSEC, Military INTEL Law Enforcement INTEL Intelligence and Counter Intelligence is now considered the most important function of any terror response, military or law enforcement unit. While responding to an incident is important preventing an incident is more important.​ ATAB in response to many members request for training materials has developed the most important and practical Intelligence/Counter Intelligence program available today. There are many analyst certifications available but ATAB has developed a true operators program with advanced training in area such as HUMINT, OPSEC, COUNTER INTELLIGENCE and INTELLIGENCE. OPSEC and Counter Intelligence and Intelligence Specialist OIS Certification is designed to provide HUMINT, CI (Counter Intelligence) and Intelligence Operators with advanced knowledge of Surveillance, HUMINT and Intelligence gathering techniques. The OIS training module addresses a host of recommendations, ranging from HUMINT Counter Intelligence and the Counter Intelligence deficiencies to policy makers due to red tape and the intelligence-trap mindset of intelligence analysts. The program addresses the current changes to military intelligence doctrine. The OIS certification is the only training program of its type available to the public. You will be gaining the knowledge and experience of intelligence and counter intelligence officers with decades of experience in conducting and managing intelligence operations around the world.


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