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This  credential is reserved for members in good standing who previously  received the CAS credential and otherwise meet qualifications as  outlined in the “Qualifications for Certification” section outlined  herein.  Typical candidates for this credential include information  technology (IT) professionals who are familiar with ISO, NIST, and other  information security standards and procedures, as well as information  security (INFOSEC) managers and personnel who participate in information  assurance and IT security programs.  In addition, candidates are  usually responsible for establishing, maintaining, monitoring, and  improving IT security programs, and demonstrate the concepts of IT  security as well as understanding the threats and risks to IT systems  and/or networks. 


The ATAB Emergency Response Manual and Reference  Library, containing information designed to assist you in learning how  to write and implement policies, procedures, disaster recovery and/or  business continuity plans, and other useful information, is a highly  recommended, but not required, self-study resource available to help  prepare you for the certification examination.  


Applicants must hold the  CMAS and the CTR credential to be eligible for this certification  program.  Qualified candidates successfully achieving a score of 80% or  higher on the certification examination are awarded the ITM  credential.



$ 345.00

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